Thursday, September 25, 2008

here i am again

so here i am. My second day of blogging. it isnt tooo bad. once you get use to it, then its ok :) so today i was suppose to wake up at 4 10 am for church BUT i slept pass my alarm!!! i know what your thinking, THIS IS TERRIBLE!!! but luckily my dad was also awake, cuz he was getting ready for work, and was kind enough to wake me up at 4 22. So i got ready in like 10 min and shot out the door to go to church and play the organ, which i love to do. Then i also had school right after. Music appreciation and math. i got my two test back frim music app and i got a B on one and an A on the other. I was quite pleased. Uh math we just learned another lesson. but once i got home i ate then took like a 3 hour nap. It felt greaT. Now im just writing this blog to keep all you followers updated and because Khrisna is at a little girls birthday party. but now im gonna go eat and study and do.... whatever i want :D Bye now, blog to you later hahaha im funny

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My first "clog" (inside joke)

So basically im doing this thing and trying it out for my girlfriend. It usually isnt't my type of thing to blog about how you feel or about your day but i love my girlfriend very much and would do anything for her. So im giving it a try.

For starters im Miguel. Hello everybody else reading this thing. But why would anyone read this? can someone tell me? and give me a valid reason to support it as well haha. i dont know maybe im so weirded out by it cuz im not to gitty about sharing my feelings with everyone. Only a select few. anywho. this is my first blog. comment if you want. that way i dont feel like a loser or anything. who knows, maybe i already am one but just dont see it hahaha :) well i hope everyone has a fantabulous day. see you next time i decide to blog.